This article will be useful if you have started working through one or more of the following courses, but haven't yet completed:

  • Introduction to R
  • Practical Data Management with R
  • Introduction to Text Mining
  • Research Design in Social Data Science

You might've noticed that the progress bars on the course homepages of these courses are stuck at 0% regardless whether you've done any progress in a module. Below is an example of the micro-progress bar from one of the afore mentioned courses: 

We've recently launched an update, which troubleshoots this issue but it doesn't solve it for those who've already made some progress on a course but haven't finished it. If you want to activate your micro-progress on the course homepage you need to:

  1. Enter a module you want the micro-progress to be displayed for:
  2. Do a bit of activity there - scrolling through a section, the sections are listed on the left hand side:
  3. Come back to the course homepage and you should see your micro-progress being displayed on the course home page for that specific module. 

If it's Practical Data Management with R course then you need to scroll all the way down and confirm that you've completed a lesson: